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When I first started my 'health journey' about 5 years ago my digestion was shot. I had a bad relationship with food, and I had no idea the best way to fuel my body.

I was never massively overweight but I yo-yo dieted through my 20's constantly losing and gaining the same 5-10kgs.  

I heard a friend talk about intuitive eating and I remember thinking to myself how amazing it would be to be that in tune with your body. Fast forward to 2018 and I definitely feel like I have found my groove. When I hit my own health 'rock-bottom' my energy was completely depleted and my digestion [and bloating] was out of control. I saw various health professionals during this time, and after having test after test I didn't feel like I was getting any closer to finding out what made my body tick. Anyway, I digress [you can read more about my health story here] today I want to give you some tips that REALLY helped me along the way.


Many of us have been led to believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and have probably heard the saying "eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and supper like a pauper". In reality this pattern of eating can really do our bodies more harm than good. I'll talk about food combining properly in the next step but imagine the flow of traffic - if there is a motorbike followed by a car, and then a truck the traffic usually flows freely right? Then imagine the traffic flow with the truck first, followed by the car and then the motorbike... this would like cause issues! Our digestion isn't that different.

In simple terms by eating light to heavy we allow our body to digest each meal fully before we consume the next - meaning less issues with digestion and bloating.

For me this means I pretty much always start my day with a smoothie or smoothie bowl, followed by a plant-powered Beauty Bowl for lunch [check out my instagram page for inspo!] and then a heavier meal for dinner [I love lentil dahl, pasta/rice dishes, homemade pizzas etc]. 


Fruit digests pretty fast, and if you eat your meal and then follow it with a piece of fruit or a fruit salad while your meal is digesting the fruit is sitting on top of it digesting even faster on top of it and almost fermenting. Not what you want to happen! I love to eat fruit and consume a fair amount of it on a daily basis - but I always eat [or drink] my fruit on an empty stomach and wait at least 15 minutes afterwards before eating anything else to allow the fruit to start digesting.


I wrote a post about why I love Intermittent Fasting and one of the benefits I didn't go into detail about was digestion. One of the reasons I am a big advocate of fasting is that it allows your body to have a break - digesting food takes up A LOT of energy, so by giving your body a break it can really help fire up your digestion and help reduce bloating. There are so many other reasons I love fasting on a daily basis which you can read about here.

I hope these tips give you some insight on what could be causing your digestion issues - so many people struggle with it [I'd even go as far as to say the majority of people] and I have found that for a lot of people even making simple changes can make the world of difference.



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