Last year I was stuck in a rut.


I wanted to wake up feeling fulfilled in something outside of being a full-time Mum. I adore spending quality time each day with my kids and at the same time I knew that I had so much more to give. After watching a dear friend kicking some serious boss-babe goals it was at a four day Tony Robbins seminar that it hit me —

“if not this, then what?”…

An opportunity that was too good to pass up - everything I wanted in a business was right there in front of me. I was craving community and connection, I thrive on personal growth, I wanted to work ‘for’ myself but not ‘by’ myself. I wanted a business model that allowed me the freedom to work the hours that best suited me, that I could grow my income and not miss out on quality time with my kids. I had a desire to live the laptop lifestyle - that allowed me to work from anywhere I wanted to. I am so passionate about giving and serving others and lifting other people up is one of the ultimate things that lights ME up. So there it was -  an opportunity that would give me all of these things, and so much more.

So I decided to take the leap and I’d love to chat to you about how being a part of The Gratitude Gang could be the missing link you have been looking for! 

We now have over 200 beautiful women (and a few men!) who have joined the Gang and I've never been a part of a tribe that is truly so supportive, inspiring and heart-centred as these babes. Our reasons for joining are varied - some want to earn a little 'beach-money' (as we call it) each month, from creating a side-hustle or a full-time business, many want to choose Mum-care instead of Daycare, we have single women without families that want to travel the world or be wildly independent and others whose goal is to retire their husbands so they can raise their families together. We come from all different walks of life, with different backgrounds and experiences (from Nurses to Teachers, Accountants to Lawyers and Event Managers and Truck drivers - we've covered them all!) and there is one thing I have learnt - we ALL have something to offer in this business.

I am only taking on a limited number of people each month to closely mentor on how to live a more abundant and fulfilling life - with financial freedom and epic growth. If you’re even slightly curious I encourage you to get in touch so you can ask questions and I can share more about what business mentoring with me looks like! Through the beauty of technology we can have a face-to-face online chat and I would love to learn about how I can help you create a business that can give you the life you have been wanting - on YOUR terms.