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Just for the record: 

You deserve far more out of life than to feel constantly overwhelmed, half starved, or anything less than awesome.

Maybe you’re suffering with a bad case of ‘Mondayitis’…. and have been, for as long as you can remember.

Maybe you never have any free time anymore, because you’re too busy trying to raise a family. 

Maybe you desperately want to make yourself a priority again, but you don’t know where to start. 

Whatever the root cause of your unhappiness, I’m here to help. 

You see, I believe great health is about far more than food. It’s about balancing your entire life, and prioritising YOU. Taking care of your needs (for once) — without guilt and without apology. 

Because when you feel good about yourself, that’s when you’ll find you have more energy, attention, and love to give to those you care about.


Hey, I’m Kelle — holistic health coach + founder of The Vitality Project.

And my mission is to help you nourish your body and your mind in a way that works for YOU. (Nobody else.)

That means:

  • no more rigid diet plans that don’t work for your body
  • No completely unrealistic lists of Do’s and Don’ts that you’ll never be able to stick to
  • And no more cliches like “It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle” (Cue a collective sigh of relief!)

Okay, I admit it . . .

There was a time when I associated losing weight with drinking Diet Coke and cutting carbs before a holiday.

I had shelves stacked full of every popular diet book available (sound familiar?). The problem was, every book I read seemed to contradict the one I’d read before. No sooner had I discovered something was “good” for me, than somebody else would tell me I should eliminate that from my diet completely.

It got to the point where I didn’t know WHAT to believe.

Meanwhile, I was pushing myself to the limit and not surprisingly, I hit a wall. I felt utterly depleted, and I knew something had to give.

And so, I started making some changes:

I created more space for me — saying “No” more often than I said “Yes.” Reacquainting myself with my yoga mat. (Om!) And really listening to my body again.

The biggest shift? I trained to become a health coach, so that I could learn what actually worked — and what I shouldn’t waste my time with. In that time, I learned over a hundred different dietary theories, but my biggest revelation?

Different things work for different people.

(Radical, right?)

That one fact changed EVERYTHING for me.


Today, I don’t believe there’s a one-size-fits-all approach to eating.

Instead, I believe in intuitive eating — making peace with your food, honouring your hunger pangs, and tuning in to what your body ACTUALLY wants. 

And THAT, my friend, is the very essence of The Vitality Project

❤  FEELING your way through life, and paying attention to what you need more of.

❤  Living each day, unapologetically you.

❤  Getting back to basics: drinking more water, eating more veggies, and moving your body every day.

❤  Putting down your mobile phone.

❤  Having more fun.

❤  Laughing ’til your belly aches.

And loving as hard as you can.

Welcome to The Vitality Project - I’m so happy you’re here!


"i believe life is too short to spend it feeling anything less than energised, healthy and happy”