You’re here because you’ve tried everything. 


Every diet. Every weight-loss book (you name it, it’s gathering dust on your shelf). 

Every too-good-to-be-true, fat-busting miracle cure that did nothing for your body — or your self-esteem. 

And frankly, you’re over it. 

Over feeling like a failure every time you slip up and eat the “wrong” thing. (Put it this way: That tub of double-choc ice cream has a LOT to answer for.)

Over being told you should eat THIS, not that — and then have somebody else feed you the opposite advice. 

Over beating yourself up when you catch your reflection in the mirror every morning and see a less-than-perfect body. 

Over ALL of it. 

Which is perfect. Because I’m over it, too.

That’s why I’d rather focus on what you CAN eat, than on what you can’t eat. And on putting YOU first, before any faddy diet.

You see, good health isn’t just about food, it’s about finding balance in every area of your life. That means you won’t find any quick fixes or impossible-to-maintain diet regimes here. 

With my Online Holistic Health Program you will get access to a complete guide on health, fitness and wellness.

Are you ready to make your health a priority, once and for all?

Want to take the practical-and-tactical route to learning EXACTLY what your body needs, and when?

Ready to feel empowered about the choices you make — in EVERY area of your life? 


Here’s what you’ll get by working with me:

  • Personalised 1:1 coaching with me every month
  • Whole food recipes
  • Meal plans
  • Shopping guides
  • Nutritional support
  • Exercise and workout plans
  • Food and movement diary
  • Optional challenges and cleanse

When you join the program you join an online community of those who are just like you, on a journey to better health and wellness long term. You will gain access to over 250 recipes, meal plans, shopping guides and fitness workouts.

All recipe books and bonuses are in ebook format and you can simply download them and access them for life. 

I focus on teaching you lifetime, sustainable habits where you will not be left starving or feeling restricted. We will focus on eating real whole foods that the whole family can enjoy. 

Because I care so much about making sure we meet your needs and help you stay on track to living a life you enjoy, I offer a 30 minute personalised coaching call every single month while you are on the program.

Coaching with me is about getting you on the right track with food so that you’re set up for life — whether you’re married to your career, trying to raise a family, or simply struggling to make more time for yourself. 

And by food, I don’t just mean what you put in your mouth. I mean how you feed your relationships, and how your career feeds YOU; what you need to nourish yourself physically and spiritually. 

Consider me your personal cheerleader — the person you email when you need support, guidance, or have something you need to get something off your chest. 

If you feel like you constantly find yourself at the bottom of the heap, because you’re too busy putting out fires for everybody else - it’s time to stop and take stock.

Because you deserve so much more. 

You see, it’s not about the food. It’s about . . . 

Why you’re making unhealthy choices in the first place. 

Why you’re playing small.

Why you beat yourself up about every little thing. 

Maybe you need to reignite the passion in your relationship or your passion for life.

Maybe you’re struggling to figure out what lights you up.

Maybe you need help figuring out your digestive issues, on top of everything else. 

You see, wellness to me is about SO much more than the food you put in your mouth. It’s about being unapologetically YOU, loving life, feeling passionate about what you do, and grateful for what you have. And it’s about living a life full of abundance and freedom. 

Are you ready to finally get to grips with your health and take better care of yourself? 

Claim your FREE 15-minute Vitality Session and we can have a chat about how my program can put more pep in your step and help you start living the life you deserve! 



“instead of giving yourself reasons why you can’t, give yourself reasons why you can”


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